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About BvCM

In combination with the increasing interest in credit management in all areas, and connected with the long-lasting membership of the Dutch association for Credit Management, in October 2001 the Bundesverband Credit Management e.V. was founded, under the patronage of some German credit managers.

The aim of the association, which is a non-profit organisation, is the carrying out, promotion and the support of studies in credit management, the organisation of education and study programs, the creation and publication of a magazine, as well as the collection and appropriation of relevant information and the origination or entertainment of international contacts.

Another important task was the development and organization of a training course “Certified Credit Manager®” according to an international standard. Together with Prof. Dr. Bernd Weiß of the University of applied science Bochum and under the patronage of the FECMA, the first training course started at the beginning of March 2003 with great success. Besides this course, another training course “Certified Credit Controller®” was established in Aschaffenburg, Berlin, Bochum, Ingolstadt, and Hamburg.

Since its foundation in April 2002, the association is going from strength to strength. The number of members has increased quickly to more than 1.000 credit managers within the past months. Especially by the motto “from one Credit Manager to another Credit Manager”, which is actively converted by the members, the association established itself very fast. Today the Bundesverband Credit Management e.V. forms the largest independent professional group for Account-, Debt- and Credit Managers.

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