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Doing business in China:
an opportunity not to be
You sometimes hear business people
say that China is a market you cannot
afford not to be there. Whether this is
true or not is debatable. Of course
China holds many business opportuni-
ties, but the threats and obstacles are
significant as well. In 2011 I have con-
ducted an extensive market research
on credit management developments
and doing business in the Asia Pacific
region. Among others, China was one
of the major countries of this research.
We all know the success stories about
economic growth and the rapid devel-
opment of China over the past 30
years. At the same time we also asso-
ciate China with environmental prob-
lems, political and legal issues (such as
IPR, piracy) that came along this eco-
nomic development. Based on my per-
sonal experience, my research and
many discussions with local business
people (mostly fromHong Kong), I will
address and explain some of the main
but sometimes not so obvious issues
that relate to doing business inside
China and business opportunities
With a market of about 1,3 billion peo-
ple many (business) people may (too)
easily assume there must be huge op-
portunities out there. If it were that
easy, then many more companies
would have already started their busi-
ness operations in China a long time
ago. Apart from typical aspects such as
the language, the legal system, the
(business) culture and the influence of
the Chinese government, being suc-
cessful in China can be a long and dif-
ficult road for Westerners, with
Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Founder and principal of WCMConsult
Nederlandse Vereniging voor
Credit Management (VVCM)
In this column we will present new emerging markets, formally known as BRIC (Bra-
zil, Russia, India and China). We will not only describe the markets, but also show an
interest in cultural characteristics and how they influence doing business with these
markets. This issue we have focused on China.
Emerging markets